Eduard Schmieder

Season Engagements
(In addition to teaching his international violin class in Philadelphia)

Jury/Conducting/Master classes/Lectures
50th Markneukirchen International  Instrumental  Competition, Germany  
XVIII Remember  Enescu  International  Violin  Competition, Romania
18th Kloster Schontal International  Violin  Competition, Germany
Mozarteum  International  Violin  Competition, Zhuhai, China
Shabyt International  Violin  Competition, Kazakhstan (Jury, Festival  orchestra  conductor, Lectures)
ASTA National  Solo  Competition/Conference, Salt  Lake  City (Finals Jury, Lectures)
iPalpiti  Festival , Music  Director/Conductor (Los  Angeles -Encinitas- Beverly  Hills)
Summit  Festival Chamber  Orchestra/Conductor (New  York)
Mozarteum  Summer Academy -master course (Salzburg)

XXI Andrea  Postacchini  International  Violin Competition, Italy
 International  Student  Competition, Shanghai Festival (Jury/ Conductor)
 Seoul  National  University,  Kookmin  University , Korean National Chamber Orchestra Society -master classes 
iPalpiti  Festival, Music  Director/Conductor (Los  Angeles -Encinitas- Beverly  Hills)
Summit  Festival Chamber  Orchestra/Conductor (New  York)

Qingdao Symphony,
Masters' Guest Conductor October 7-12
Toho Gakuen Music School,
Violin Master course October 13-19. Tokyo, Japan.
iPalpiti Festival
, July 9 -28, Encinitas, SOKA, Beverly Hills-Los Angeles
.Music Director & Conductor
Summit Music Festiva
l, August 5-11, New York.
Conduct SMF orchestra.
Mozarteum Summer Academy
, Salzburg, Austria August 12-24.
Schmieder Violin Master Course
Leopold Mozart International Violin Competition, Augsburg, Germany
( April 18-29)

Remember Enescu International Violin Competition
(May 1-5), President of the Jury

iPalpiti Festival
, July 15-29, Los Angeles
. Music Director & Conductor
Summit Music Festiva
l, July 31- August 11, New York

presenting Brahms' play MY MUSIC MY LOVE (Aug 4)
conducting SMF orchestra (Aug 11), Master class on Tchaikovsky Concerto.

Mozarteum Summer Academy
, Salzburg, Austria August 12-26.
Schmieder Violin Master Course
Master Classes:
The Royal Conservatory, Gould School , Toronto, Canada December 7-9.
Central Conservatory,Beijing, China October 15-18

National Korean University, Seoul, April 1-4.
YBP Festival, Tokyo, Japan, March 26 -31.

Jury:Astral National Auditions, Philadelphia. January
Member of the Jury:

3rd International China Violin Competition, Qingdao
46th International Instrumental Competition Markneukirchen,
Germany (May)
President of the Jury:
Remember Enescu International Violin Competition (April)
Conducting: Red Sea International Chamber Festival, Eilat, Israel (February-March); iPalpiti in Philadelphia (March)

ASTA National Convention 2010
Santa Clara, CA

February 18 – conducting iPalpiti orchestra

February 19 – Lecture, Russian Violin School: Myth and Reality

Louis Spohr International Violin Competition
, Weimar, Germany.
Jury member. October 26-November 6, 2010

Toho Gakuen School of Music
Tokyo, Japan.December 22-29, 2010
Master Course/Seminar.

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