Eduard Schmieder

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"Under Mr. Schmieder's direction [iPalpiti] sprang to life as a single, singing voice. It was this natural, "vocal" quality that stayed with me long after the final notes of the concert were sounded...any group that might have the opportunity to work with Mr. Schmieder will be repaid many times over and will gain much from his insights and wisdom. [He is] a remarkable conductor."

--John Ardoin, Music Critic, The Dallas Morning News

He elicits great dynamic from the orchestra altogether, all the participants are wide awake and in fact, honor and wait anxiously for the conductor's wishes... predominant excitement brought out by Schmieder."

--Eberhard Iro, Review on Mahler Chamber Orchestra, Landshuter Rathausprunksaal

"...elegant and clear performance...players make exceptionally rich and communicative music, oneness of thought. Mr. Schmieder's conducting seems to inspire the instrumentalists to great consistency and focus. They all deserve admiration."

--Daniel Cariaga, Music Critic, Los Angeles Times

"The virtues of Mr. Schmieder as a sensitive and true musician inspired the players to create a very deep and emotional interpretation which kind of magnetized all its sensual harmonies and well phrased performance. This was a concert which could be titled as "pearls of music" from any point."

--Ora Binur, Ma'ariv Jerusalem Daily

"I shall never forget his extraordinary power over the players; his drive is quite astounding.

--Margaret Campbell, FRSA, Music Critic, The Strad, Author of books The Great Violinists, The Great Cellists and others.

"Under direction of Eduard Schmieder [Latvian] Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra experienced a renaissance. Inspired musicians achieved high degree of eloquent, vibrant sound."

--Literatura Maksla Mes

"Eduard Schmieder is a distinguished musician... his coming in Bucharest was an inspiring one... connected musical life from here to the world standards."

--Fred Popovici, Romania Liberia

"His musicianship and knowledge of music are outstanding."

--Ida Haendel, CBE

"Eduard Schmieder is one of the outstanding teachers of the violin today. I have the highest admiration for his work, his dedication, and his integrity."

--Lord Yehudi Menuhin

"Among (violin pedagogues) I consider to be of elite caliber I would, without hesitation, include the name of Eduard Schmieder. He is a born educator who possesses the rare ability to blend the finest precepts of modern Western violin pedagogy and musicianship with the virtuoso proclivities of the brilliant Soviet school. Equally important, he has intimate knowledge of and respect for the great violinistic traditions of the past, which further contributes to the extraordinary scope of his cognition."

--Henry Roth, Music Critic, The STRAD, Author of books Great Violinists in Performance, Violin Virtuosos: From Paganini to the 21st Century, and others.

"Professor Schmieder is a great and inspiring teacher."

--Henry Temianka

"His teaching addresses technique not as an item unto itself, but as part of the total musical and human quest for personal growth and self-expression."

--Maxim Schostakovich

"Schmieder stands at a meeting point of violin traditions. With ideas of specific schools breaking down, he is in an ideal position to take violin playing into the next century."

--THE STRAD magazine

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