Eduard Schmieder


Students of Professor Schmieder maintain careers as soloists and chamber musicians in U.S.A., Europe, and Asia. They have appeared as soloists with major orchestras such as Vienna Philharmonic, Berlin Radio, Russian State, Cleveland Symphony, National Orchestre de Paris, Rotterdam, etc., and in solo recitals in major concert halls such as Concertgebouw, Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Ambassador, Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, St. Martin-in-the-Fields, Wigmore Hall.

Timothy Fain, Catherine Leonard, Pavel Sporcl, Boris Brovtsyn, Dmitri Makhtin, Alexandru Tomescu, Sha (Xiao Xiao Cao), Sayako Kusaka, Vadim Tchijik, Catharina Chen, Kazuhiro Takagi became leading solo violinists in their respective countries of USA, Ireland, Czech, Romania, China, Japan, France, and Norway;  Students interested in orchestral playing won positions as leaders and 1stviolinists in major orchestras such as Chicago Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Concertgebouw, Dallas Symphony, Dresden Staatskapella, Berlin Philharmonic, London Philharmonic, Konzerthaus Orchester Berlin, Israel Philharmonic, Tokyo Symphony Orchestra, and many others.

Students interested in orchestral playing won positions as leaders and 1stviolinists in major orchestras such as Chicago Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, Concertgebouw, Dallas Symphony, Dresden Staatskapella, London Philharmonic, Konzerthaus Berlin, and many others.

Prize Winners in International Competitions

Avery Fisher Career Grant
Timothy Fain

Kreisler International Violin Competition, Austria


Queen Elisabeth International Violin Competition, Belgium
Takagi, Tamai.

Montreal International Violin Competition, Canada
Makhtin, Sporcl.

Beijing International Violin Competition, China

Concertino Praga, Czehoslovakia
Sporcl, Pikovsky.

Yehudi Menuhin International Competition, England
Siuda, Yu, Brovtsyn.

Sibelius International Violin Competition, Finland
Makhtin, Kusaka, Tamai.

Francescatti International Competition, France

Jacques Thibaud International Violin Competition, France
Aiso, Tomescu, Qing Yung Yu.

Yehudi Menuhin International Competition, France

ARD International Music Competition, Germany
Sporcl, Muller.

Kulenkampff International Violin Competition, Germany
Brovtsyn, Leonard.

International World Tour Competition, Holland
Aiso, Leonard, Fain, Yu, Sporcl.

Young Instrumentalist of the Year, Hong Kong
Sze Hong.

Carl Flesch Internaitonal Violin Competition, Hungary
Janos Bodor, Gabor Szabo

Hubai International Violin Competition, Hungary
Janos Bodor, Gabor Szabo

Michelangelo Abbado International Competition, Italy

Premio Paganini International Violin Competition, Italy
Makhtin, Croitoru, Aiso, Manacorda, Tomescu, Tchijik, Ivanchenko, Kusaka, Vadaszi.

Rodolfo Lipitzer International Violin Competition, Italy
Kusaka, Tchijik,Taylor.

Viotti International Violin Competition, Italy

Tokyo International Violin Competition, Japan
Aiso, Iwatani, Kusaka.

Wieniawski International Violin Competition, Poland
Siuda, Machowska

Enescu International Violin Competition, Romania
Alexandru Tomescu

UNISA International Music Competition, RSA
Schoeman, Makhtin, Brovtsyn.

International Gnessin Competition, Moscow, Russia

Pablo de Sarasate International Violin Competition, Spain
Croitoru, Tomescu, Kusaka.

Tibor Varga International Violin Competition, Switzerland
Tomescu, Croitoru,Takagi, Brovtsyn.

Taipei International Violin Competition, Taiwan

Young Concert Artists Int’l Competition, NY, USA
Timothy Fain

International Competition Central Asia

Franz Schubert Chamber Music International Competition

Stradivari International Violin Competition of Japan

Students that Won Following Positions:

Kazuhiro Takagi – Concertmaster, Tokyo Symphony and Osaka Philarmonie orchestras. Former: 1st concertmaster of Wurttembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen, Germany

Pieter Schoeman - Leader, London Philharmonic

Qing Yung Yu - Associate Concertmaster, Chicago Symphony, USA; 1st violinist - Chicago Symphony Quartet; Faculty, Northwestern University

Peter Rainer - Concertmaster, Kammerakademie Potsdam, Berlin Chamber Orchestra, Germany; Leader – Persius Ensemble.  Asst. Professor, UDK University , Berlin.

Ken Aiso – Leader, Orchestra of the Age Enlightenment & Revolutionnaire et Romantique, London; Professor, Royal Academy of Music, London

Eugenia Pikovsky – 1st violinist – Israel Philharmonic; Former: Concertmaster, Bern Symphony, Switzerland. 1st violinist - Jerusalem Quartet; concertmaster, Jerusalem Symphony;

Liza Kerob – Concertmaster, Monte Carlo Philharmonic, Monaco

Eva Bindere – Concertmaster, Kremerata Baltika (Gidon Kremer, Music Director)

Emmanuel Held - 1st violin section, Dresden Staatskapella.

Daniel Turcina – 1st violinist, Trondheim Orchestra/ Leader, Trondheim Soloists, Norway.

Tomasz Liebig – Concertmaster, Bruckner Symphony Orchestra, Austria; Former, Bergonzi String Quartet; Faculty, Florida State University

Antonello Manacorda - Concertmaster, Mahler Chamber Orchestra (Claudio Abbado, Music Director)

Dorota Anderszewska – Concertmaster, Bordeaux Symphony Orchestra, France

Yamei Yu – concertmaster, Bavarian State Orchestra*(summer studies only)

Misa Yamuro- first violin, Berlin Radio Orchestra

Raushan Akhmedyarova – 1st violinist, San Francisco Symphony, USA.

Marianna Racz – member, Concertgebouw Orchestra

Wei Xiao Zuang – member, Los Angeles Philharmonic. Former member, San Francisco Symphony

Sze Hong  Wong -  Associate Concertmaster, Hong Kong Philharmonic, Hong Kong

Mei-Mei Wei – Associate Concertmaster, New Orleans Symphony

Lindon Taylor - Principal second, Los Angeles Philharmonic, USA

Daphne Volle - 1st violin section, Dallas Symphony, TX.

Fumino Ando – member, Portland Symphony, Oregon

Frederick Bardon - Associate Concertmaster, Lyon Opera, France
Tamara Chang - Concertmistress, Long Beach Symphony, 1st violinist –Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, USA

Vesselin Demirev - concertmaster, Aalborg Symphony, Denmark. Former: Concertmaster, Irving Symphony, Plano Symphony, Garland Symphony, TX; violin faculty – Meadows School of the Arts, Dallas. Former concertmaster, New Philharmonic, Sophia, Bulgaria.

Florance Garel - 1st violin section, Monte Carlo Philharmonic, Monaco.

Denis Ivanov-Posin – 1st violin section, National Mannheim Opera

Nikolai Kurganov – 2nd violin section, LA Philharmonic

Gabor Szabo - Assistant Concertmaster position Orquestra Sinfonica del Valles, Barcelona.

Lauren Desgrees du Lou, Eric Lacrouse - 1st violin section, Paris Opera, France

Marina Manukian - 1st violin section, Pacific Symphony and the Los Angeles Opera, USA

Heime Muller– Leader, Artemis Quartet, Germany

Igor Sagan – 1st violinist, K�ln Radio Orchestra

Xiao Hua Sheng - 1st violinist, Nancy & Michael Barrington Chair, Fort Worth Symphony.

Dorota Siuda – Concertmistress, Chamber Orchestra Sweden

Oleg Soulyga – member, Moscow Virtuosi Chamber Orchestra

Thibauld Vieux – Assoc. Concertmaster, Paris Opera, France

Kaori Yoshida – member, New York Symphonic Ensemble at Lincoln Center

Miroslava Ivanchenko- 1st violinist – Alabama Symphony; former - concertmaster, New World Symphony.

Chan Ho Yun – faculty, Colburn School, Idyllwild Arts School, Los Angeles, USA

Ryo Mikami – Co-concertmaster, Sapporo Symphony Orchestra; former –Lausanne Soloists

Maria Machowska – Concertmaster, Sinfonia Warsowia

Sukeyuki Iwatani – Concertmaster, Kansai Symphony Orchestra, Japan

Alexander Snytkin – Concertmaster, Bergen Philharmonic, Norway.

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